CHERUB News began in August 2004 and was published ten times per year until the end of 2012. It has now been replaced by our news blog, but you can read all the old issues by clicking on the links below.

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February - The Prisoner
March - Guardian Angel - Preview Chapters
April - People's Republic paperback
May - Word search & One Shot Kill preview chapters
June - Muchamore's noticeboard 
July - Ireland Tour News
Summer - Graphic Novel & Guardian Angel out now
October - One Shot Kill & Scorched Earth preview
November - Twenty questions
December - Ultimate VIII


February - Meet Ryan
March - Prisoner, faves & trailer
April - Meet James Adams in 2031!
May - Meet Ning
June - Graphic Novel Announced
July - Film poster & Tour
Summer - People's Republic is here! 
October Graphc novel & Henderson's Boys VI
November - Muchamore FAQ
Christmas - Ultimate VII, e-books, Guardian Angel uncovered


February - Secret's Out!
March - Shadow Wave cover & movie latest.
April - Auntie Robina's problem page special
May - Brigands Paperback & The Switch
June - The end for CHERUB?
July - Film update, Shadow Wave preview.
Summer - Shadow Wave Launch, Word Search.
October - New game, tour video & Grey Wolves preview chapters.
November - Grey Wolves preview, Rob's writing tips.
Christmas - Ultimate Prize Six - should have been seven though!


February - 2009 Preview
March - The Escape launched & Movie news
April - The Recruit turns five!
May - Monster CHERUB crossword
June - Six exciting ways to waste your time.
August - Robert Muchamore interview
September - Brigands MC is here!
October - Special Girly Edition.
November - Secret Army preview.
Christmas - Ulitmate Prize VI


February -2008 CHERUB Preview.
- Dark Sun, 2008 Mission & The Sleepwalker. 
April - One million sold!
May- Become a CHERUB character.
June - The General previewed.
July- New author website launched.
Summer - Australian tour preview.
October - CHERUB Ultimate Edition
November - Henderson's Boys FAQ
Christmas - Ultimate prize V


February 2007 CHERUB Preview.
- Q&A with Robert Muchamore.
April - Campus Mapped.
May - 
Mad Dogs Preview.
June - CHERUB shop launch.
Summer - 50 things you're not allowed to do on campus... 
September - Dark Sun & Sleepwalker news. 
October - Mad Dogs arrives!
November - Bruce Norris Interview 
Christmas - Ultimate prize IV


February - 2006 CHERUB Preview.
- The Lauren Adams interview. 
April - Audio - Robert Muchamore on Divine Madness.
May - Divine Madness launch pictures. 
June - Man vs Beast preview.
Summer - CHERUB: Disconnected: Bonus Story.
September Audio Book preview.
October Kyle Blueman interview. 
November The Fall preview.
Christmas - Ultimate Prize III.


February - 2005 CHERUB Preview.
March - CHERUB Christmas story arrives very late... 
- Vote CHERUB! 
May - Maximum Security published. 
June - CHERUB 6, 7 & 8 announced. 
- The James Adams interview.
September - Summer update. 
- The Killing unleashed.
- The Killing launch events.
Christmas - Robert Muchamore in a silly hat.


August - CHERUB fan savaged by hamster. 
- Class A coming soon! 
October - Muchamore denies marriage.
November - CHERUB hits a new high. 
Christmas Space Wormhole!



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