1. The second book in the CHERUB series. (5,1)

2. What type of product did KMG sell? (5)

3. What colour T-shirt do cherubs wear when they are in basic training? (4)

4. Name of a gang that features in the book Mad Dogs*. (7,4)

5. Who is Gabrielle O'Brien's boyfriend?* (7,6)

6. What is the title of the 9th CHERUB book? (3,11)

*CLUE: The answers to questions 4 and 5 are in the preview chapters of Mad Dogs.


1. Answer the clues and fill in the answers (write in all squares, including the ones with numbers in).

2. The six letters in the coloured boxes are an anagram.

3. To enter the draw to win one of six Mad Dogs posters, solve the anagram and e-mail the word to:

The competition closes on Thursday Sep 29th.
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Special thanks for Mark Johnson for helping to compile this month's competiton!