The six green squares going from top to bottom will give you the birth surname of a major CHERUB character.

To enter the draw to win one of ten copies of the hard to find CHERUB mini-book Dark Sun, solve the crossword and send the correct surname to:

The competition closes on Thursday May 28th 2009. For full terms and conditions
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1. Mr Blueman.
2. Book, coming June 2009.
3. Needed for Rat’s tangled hair.
4. Marc Kilgour was abandoned here.
5. James’ mentor in The Recruit.
6. John _____ mission controller.
7. James found a big pile of this in his Mum's safe
8. Charles _____ founder of CHERUB.
9. The Chairwoman’s oldest son.
10. Major new character in CHERUB 11.
11. _____ M.C. published September 2009.
12. Network that smuggles nuclear technology.
13. James wants to do this to Kerry’s bra.
14. (going across) When Mr Large wakes up his trainees.
15. (going down) Strict mission controller in Class A.
16. Sasha Thompson’s gang.
17. Mr Clarke ends up this way in The Escape.
18. Kyle regularly dreams one of these up to make money.
19. Country where The Escape is set.
20. One of Mr Large’s Rottweilers.