Nukes and sleepovers...

It's the last day of term. Three lads are clearing out their lockers, organising a sleepover and hatching a plan to spatter a girl with rancid coleslaw.

But things aren't what they seem.

One boy's father is a member of Dark Sun, a criminal organisation dealing in nuclear weapons technology, while another is a CHERUB agent sent to stop him.


Author   Robert Muchamore
Publisher   Hodder Children's Books
Released   March 2008
Price   £1.00
ISBN   978-0340931837
Note   Limited edition - Sold Out
Download   Free to all CHERUB members.


Do I need to read Dark Sun to understand the next books?
No, Dark Sun is a completely seperate story that fits between Mad Dogs and The Sleepwalker.

What is Dark Sun?
Dark Sun is a 108 page CHERUB mini story written for World Book Day 2008.

What is World Book Day?
Every year kids in Britain get a free £1 book token which can be used to purchase a free World Book Day mini book.

How can I read it for free?
Dark Sun is available as a free download for everyone who signs up to the CHERUB Members Area.


Dark Sun is now out of print, but CHERUB Members can download the book for free.

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