CHERUB is a branch of the British intelligence service that exists for one simple reason: Adults never suspect that children' are spying on them.
CHERUB has around two hundred and fifty agents and a similar number of staff. The organisation operates globally, with between thirty and fifty missions ongoing at any one time.
CHERUB Chairwoman Zara Asker reports directly to the British Intelligence Minister.

The Deputy Chairman is Zara's immediate subordinate. All missions involving kids must be approved by three members of an ethics committee.

While the current incarnation of CHERUB was founded in 1946 by Royal Navy espionage officer Charles Henderson, the organisaton grew out of a group of youngsters unofficially known as Henderson's Boys, who were trained to work with the French resistance during World War Two.
CHERUB's main base is situated on a former military firing range deep in the English countryside. Campus has extensive training facilities.

A second base known as the CHERUB Summer Hostel is based on an island in the Mediterranean.