The stunning, 23-year-old, ex-CHERUB agent has taken a new job, based in Texas, working for an international intelligence task force known as TFU. Their number one target is the
Aramov Clan.
A strange old bird.

On one hand, the diminutive Dr is the tough senior CIA agent in charge of  the TFU task force.

On the other she’s an old hippy, with a taste for
feng-shui, crystal healing and herbal tea.

Bad to the bone. Leonid's idea of a nice afternoon is a good torture session.

After murdering and cheating his way to the top, Leonid regards the Aramov Clan's criminal empire as his rightful inheritance.

Now in her fifth year as CHERUB’s chairwoman.

Zara juggles the roles of headmistress, spy chief and mother to three young children.

Meet Doris: possibly the greatest, undeniably the most heroic, yucca plant ever to feature in a CHERUB adventure.
Selfish, dumb and rarely seen without a high-fat snack rammed in his gob.
Yannis has been tight with Ethan Aramov since they were in second grade, and he’s not about to let some CHERUB agent steal his only friend.
One of Ryan's best mates.

Max is a twelve-year-old grey shirt CHERUB agent, but he's got the boredom threshold of a two-year-old.

Max is more or less allergic to sitting still, doing what he’s told and following instructions.

Ryan’s other best mate.

Alfie is half French. He looks scarily hard, plays the flute and has a genius IQ.

He's totally girl-obsessed and fancies himself as a lady's man,, even though he’s yet to turn twelve.

The uber experienced sixteen-year-old CHERUB agent.

Lauren is notoriously handy with a spade.

You might have already noticed her in some of the other CHERUB books...