TFU is headquartered in an office building in Dallas Texas. When operating outside of the United States it can utilise the extensive facilities of the CIA and FBI.
TFU is a department of the United States intelligence service. Its primary role is to target a group of high-powered international crime families collectively known as Transnational Facilitators (see below right for explanation).
TFU is headed up by CIA agent Dr Denise Huggan, commonly known as Dr D. Her second in command is Deputy Director Edward Brasker.

Set up as a special intelligence task force by the United States Congress and funded under the black budget. Dr D reports direct to her political masters.

TFU is an embryonic organization, founded in 2010. The creation of TFU as a separate organization reporting directly to the US Congress has proved controversial with existing security organizations such as the FBI and CIA.
Transnational Facilitators operate at the very highest level of international organized crime.

Facilitators control transportation and smuggling networks that can link a drug dealer in the Philippines to a cocaine supplier in Peru, or a weapons factory in China to a war zone in Africa.

Their profits are vast, and they typically operate from less developed countries that don't have the resources to clamp down on their activities.