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These bonus stories show you everything from Kerry's first mission, to Christmas on campus, and the truth about James Adams' dad

Three Futures

So what happens to James, Lauren, Kerry and all the gang after Shadow Wave?

Robert Muchamore has written three stories, depicting alternative futures for James and Kerry set in the year 2031.

  1. Playboy
  2. The Family Man
  3. The Chairman

The Switch

The Switch is a story about identical twins, Callum & Connor Reilly that first appeared in the paperback edition of Brigands M.C. But don't worry if you bought the hardback, the story is now available online!

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Robert Muchamore has written a new CHERUB bonus story! It's aimed at younger readers and follows the lives of two red shirts growing up on CHERUB campus.

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Christmas Story

It's Christmas 2004 on CHERUB campus. Meryl Spencer is a TV quiz show, Kerry is stuck in Japan and mayhem is about to erupt on CHERUB campus! This mini story fits between Class A and Maximum Security.

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Robert Muchamore wrote this story after loads of fans e-mailed him asking about James' Adams' dad.

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Kerry's First Mission

James was annyoed when Kerry got sent off on her first mission straight after basic training, but it turned out that there wasn't much to be jealous about.

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