Born 1994 Tufnell Park, London
Birth Name Lauren Zoe Onions
Joined Cherub 2003

Father - Ronald Onions, currently detained at H.M. Prison Longmark. 
Mother - Died of heart failure, London, 2003 
Brother - James Adams, resident at CHERUB


Appearance Fair hair, blue eyes, athletic build

 Black clothes, loud music, cooking, hiding James' mobile phone.


 Boys who don't wash after playing sport, anything pink and girly, computer games.

Cherub Career
Final Shirt Rank



Like many young girls who join CHERUB, Lauren had no history of participation in sport and was in poor shape. Since beginning CHERUB training this has improved massively.


Lauren has great speed and upper body strength and her ability to defeat more experienced opponents in the dojo has put several noses out of joint (literally in one case!).


With an IQ of 147, Lauren's capabilities are extremely well rounded. She lacks her brother's extreme mathematical skills, but surpasses him in most other areas.



"Lauren has really blossomed since joining CHERUB, but does have a tendency towards bossiness."
Judith Donovan, carer junior block.

"Lauren Adams is a vile subhuman splat of puke who deserves to be booted off CHERUB campus."
Norman Large, training instructor

"I wish she'd stop messing about with my bloody phone."
James Adams, brother

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