Born 1989 United Kingdom, exact location unknown
Birth Name Unknown
Joined Cherub

Kyle was abandoned shortly after his birth. His mother was never traced and he spent his first seven years being raised by a succession of foster parents in the South West of England.


Appearance Dark hair and eyes. Medium slim build and small for his age

Brad Pitt, skateboarding, Jackass, graphic novels, legal shows on TV.


Mess, people who wear their clothes without ironing them, Sugar Puffs

Cherub Career 1997-2007
Final Shirt Rank Black



Kyle is in perfect health. He has excellent coordination and has mastered some hair raising stunts on his skateboard. He doesn't like team sports, probably because he is smaller than other kids his own age.

However, Kyle's small size is an advantage on missions, when an experienced agent is needed to fill the role of somebody young.


Highly capable in Judo and Karate and is one of a small number of cherubs to have studied Thai kick boxing.


Kyle excels in all academic areas. However, a taste for practical jokes has given him a reputation for being disruptive in class.



"Kyle is one of the few boys on campus whose bedroom isn't a public health hazard."
Meryl Spencer, Handler.

"Kyle's my best mate, but he can be a bit of an old woman sometimes." 
James Adams.

"His CHERUB career has been a good one, but it could have been spectacular. Sadly, Kyle has spent a lot of time restricted to simple missions or suspended from missions due to bad behavior and silly errors of judgment."
Dr Terence McAfferty, Chairman of CHERUB.

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