Born 1991 Tufnell Park, London
Birth Name James Choke
Joined Cherub 2003

Father - Unknown 
Mother - Died of heart failure, London, 2003
Sister - Lauren Adams, resident at CHERUB


Appearance Fair hair, blue eyes, stocky build

Arsenal, motorbikes, FIFA soccer games, tenpin bowling, winding up his little sister.


Mayonnaise, curry, Tottenham Hotspur, Big Brother and soap operas.

Cherub Career
Final Shirt Rank



James is stocky, which makes him strong but also prone to weight gain. He must run regularly and watch his diet to keep in shape.


Has shown reasonable aptitude in karate and judo classes, although his reflexes are not the fastest and James often struggles against nimbler opponents.


James has an IQ of 153 and is brilliant at maths. However, he will not live up to his full potential until he learns to stop messing around in class.



"James is basically a nice kid, but he tends to go off the rails if you don't keep a close eye on him."
Meryl Spencer, handler.

"I love my brother, but he's dead moody and sometimes I just want to punch his lights out."
Lauren Adams, sister.

"Sometimes you see James hanging around with his mates and you'd think he was just an ordinary teenager. You don't realize what he's really capable of until he's working under pressure on a mission."
John Jones, mission controller.

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