Born 1993, Croydon Surrey (Identical twins)
Birth Name Callum and Connor Farnworth
Joined Cherub 2003

The twins were taken into care in 1997. They had suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of their mother. She was jailed for 18 months for neglect and barred from all contact with her sons.

Callum and Connor were deeply disturbed when they were first taken into care. The twins barely spoke until they were seven years old.


Appearance Fair hair, blue eyes, slim build

Reading, athletics, watching movies.


Being mistaken for the other twin.

Cherub Career
Final Shirt Rank



The twins are excellent long distance runners. They are not particularly strong, but a fitness program focusing on strength training has helped with this problem.


Decent combat skills. Instructor Takada has tailored both boys skills to their physiques.


Bright enthusiastic kids with great language skills and a genuine appetite for learning.



"C&C must stop mucking about and pretending to be one another. Their special operations training did not help with this."
Meryl Spencer, handler.

"The story of the twin's early life makes for grim reading. They were battered by their mother and then bullied in a succession of foster homes.
Bringing boys with a past like this to CHERUB is always slightly risky, but the risk is outweighed by the extreme usefulness of identical twins in intelligence operations."
Dr Terence McAfferty, Chairman.

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