Born 1987 Prestwich, Greater Manchester
Birth Name Jennifer Amy Pegg
Joined Cherub

FATHER - Died in a car accident 1988
MOTHER - Died of throat cancer, 1988 
BROTHERS - Younger brother Joe died in a car accident 1988

Older brother John Collins left CHERUB in 1999 after 23 successful missions. He now works as a diving instructor in Australia.


Appearance Blonde hair, green eyes, athletic build

Swimming, sailing, diving, drinking, clubbing.


Walnuts, battenburg.

Cherub Career 1992-2004
Final Shirt Rank



Physically strong, Amy excels at all sports but specialized in swimming and diving. Note: Amy is colour blind.


Skilled in Karate, Judo and Aikido. Definitely not the sort of pretty girl you want to tangle with in a dark alley!


Amy achieved six A-levels (Four in foreign languages). She is now studying Marine Biology at the university of Cairns in Australia.



"Amy has been everywhere and done practically everything a CHERUB agent can do, but she's still really down to earth and was great to me and James when we first joined CHERUB." 
Lauren Adams, friend.


"It's always a sad day when good CHERUB agents reach the end of their careers. I hope Amy has a great life, whatever she ends up doing."
Dr Terence McAfferty, Chairman

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